{New Post} High Pressure Die Castings

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{New Post} High Pressure Die Castings

What is the High Pressure Aluminum Die Casting Process?

Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

The image pictured above depicts a Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine as it makes parts. The term “Cold Chamber Die Casting” refers to a separate metal melting furnace. The High Pressure Die Casting, cold chamber die casting process follows this sequence:

1. Look at the image above

2. The die casting machine opens the die casting mold.

3. The prior part is removed and the die cast mold is sprayed for the next part

4. The aluminum is poured using a ladle into a shot cylinder

5. The shot piston injects the metal into the die casting mold.

6. The machine opens and the process starts again.

For more details, look at this webpage: http://www.kineticdiecasting.com/what-is-die-casting.html

High Pressure Die Casting

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