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Shape a Better Home with KDC in 2023

Shape A Better Home With Kdc

Concrete roof tiles come with many intricate architectural designs and shapes, mainly: Flat Profile, Low Profile, and High Profile roofing tiles. There are also many other styles such as Mission, Roman, Double Roman, Villa, Estate S-Tile, Slate, Shake, Spanish, Flat, or Barrel. Because of this, many different aluminum mold designs need to be manufactured or purchased by the manufacturers of concrete roof tiles.
Kinetic Die Casting makes aluminum roof molds. Kinetic Die Casting Company (KDC), one of the leading companies when it comes to die casting, has been manufacturing aluminum die casts for different purposes since 1994. They produce lower price and high quality aluminum or zinc die cast parts, high pressure part die castings, aluminum part castings, and aluminum die castings for different industries. These industries include: Lighting Companies, Hand Tool Manufacturers, Automotive Part Manufacturers, Military Parts Manufacturers, and Roofing Tile Manufacturers. They have been making die casting parts in zinc alloys for the past eight years now but they specialize in making Aluminum Die Casting Parts.
Kinetic Die Casting makes aluminum roof molds. They make versatile aluminum molds for concrete roof tiles. Homeowners and other customers should consider buying concrete roof tiles made from aluminum molds. Since a concrete roof tile’s weight is around 400 pounds, the house needs a strong substructure in order to carry its roof’s weight. Kinetic Die Casting makes aluminum roof molds and assures customers that their aluminum molds remain in shape and last for a long period of time.
KDC also accept a purchase and delivery of less than 1000 die cast parts. Many of their customers purchase a few hundred die cast parts in one go while some customers buy several thousand parts in one purchase. Customers believe that aluminum die casts parts made by KDC are of high quality.

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Aluminum Tile Mold Plates for Concrete Roofing

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Do Concrete Roofs Last 50 Years in 2023?

Do Concrete Roofs Last 50 Years?
Most companies claim that concrete roofs last 50 years, but is this really true? While they protect you from fire, water, moss, termites and earthquakes, they are not really resistant to breakage, and you should not be surprised to repair or replace broken or lost concrete tiles once in a while. It’s true that concrete roofs are durable, and they are energy-saving too. So it may take years before the need to reinstall a new roofing system arises. In fact, most roof tile companies are confident enough about the performance and durability of concrete roofs that they offer 50-year limited warranties.
Careful selection of your roofing material and proper installation are the most important things to consider in order for concrete roofs to last more than 20 years. Also make sure that you buy from a reputable company to make sure of the roof’s quality.
Some even claim that roofs last a lifetime, but if you’re a clever consumer, you would know that believing such is overrated. Nothing lasts forever, and so do roofs. But the best thing you can do as a homeowner is to responsibly inspect your concrete roofs yearly so that you can abstain from constantly repairing your roof.

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Concrete: In the Making in 2023

Concrete: In The Making

In order to know the quality of a certain thing, the first thing you need to learn and be familiar with is the materials used for its construction. Thus, it is only right that we need to ask a question first. How are concrete roof tiles made?
First introduced in the 1840s by German cement manufacturer Adolph Kroher, concrete tiles became popular in Bavaria. Many of the tiles made during that time continue to remain even up to this day.
How are concrete roof tiles made? The main material of a concrete roof tile is sand, cement, and water. The exact materials vary because of different manufacturers but the basic component of this tile is Portland cement, blended hydraulic cements, sand, fly ash, and other added combinations. Concrete tiles also look similar in terms of size, shapes, and colors even when made by different manufacturers. They have three main appearances common to all – flat, low, and high profiles. Flat concrete roof tiles, as its name suggests, are flat when viewed from the lateral side and have no curves. Low concrete roof tiles, on the other hand, have small curves with a 1:5 rise to width ratio or less. High profile concrete tiles have larger curves that exceed the 1:5 rise to width ratio. There are also many other shapes available now: Imbrex and tegula, Roman tiles, Pantiles, Mission, Barren tiles, and Antefixes.
How are concrete roof tiles made? Concrete tiles are also come in different colors and textures that will surely suit the taste of the homeowner. The texture can be smooth or rough. The colors are mostly mixed in the process of making the tiles and not merely coated so they do not fade away immediately. Aside from these, there are also the standard weight and lightweight tile. It is already up to the homeowners on what concrete roof tile combinations to choose.

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Aluminum Tile Mold Plates for Concrete Roofing

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  • The Tile’s Time has Come

    The Tile’s Time Has Come

    When can I use concrete roof tiles? Many families have already switched to using concrete roof tiles. You should also find out why and know why concrete roof tiles are better for your home than any other roofing materials. Once you learn these reasons, you can finally choose to change your roofing material as well.
    Know that concrete roof tiles are resistant to fire, hail, and moisture, providing greater protection and comfort to the homeowner. Concrete roof tiles also help save energy in both warm and cold climates because air can pass through under loosely laid tiles, making the temperature inside the house warmer during winters and cooler during summers. They help in keeping out noises outside the house, giving more comfort to the family indoors. They also come with different colors and designs. Concrete tiles outperform other roofing materials based on sales and are also more commonly used in different places and countries. Concrete roof tiles also offer elegance in the house as well as attractiveness, making the house look pleasing to the homeowner and the visitors. It comes with different designs, mainly: Shake, Mediterranean, Slate, and Spanish.
    When can I use concrete roof tiles? Since roofing a house is normally expensive, it is best to choose a roofing material that has a low maintenance and long-lasting life to save more money. Using concrete tiles in your roof also increases the value of the house in case you want to resale it.
    When can I use concrete roof tiles? There are many times to use concrete roof tiles and you can use them whenever you want. Just know that the best time to use them is now.

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    Aluminum Tile Mold Plates for Concrete Roofing

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    Concrete Protection for Your Home in 2023

    Concrete Protection for Your Home

    Concrete roofs may be expensive compared with asphalt shingles. It may be heavier than metal tiles. Concrete tiles surely needs expertise of a professional in having it installed. Its maintenance may be tricky. Yet, concrete roofs protect homes better than other roofing materials.

    How do concrete roofs protect homes? It being heavy makes it durable. Its weight enables the concrete tile to surpass the challenge of incredible weather conditions. It can stand against tornadoes, heavy rains, snowstorms and hails. This material can even survive fires. These amazing features show how concrete roofs protect homes.

    There are actually more reasons why you should choose concrete tiles. Concrete tiles come in different styles and pigments. This is a durable way to be fashionable. The good thing about concrete roof tiles is that it doesn’t give up the idea of becoming attractive and pleasing to the eye over durability. Also, concrete tiles when installed and maintained properly can last really long. Its life-span is up to fifty years and up. Its price will surely be in proportion to what it can do to your home.

    In installing concrete roofs, you will need the help of your reliable homebuilder. For one, since it is heavy, it is best to make sure that the structure of your home’s foundation can fully support the weight of your concrete roofs.

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    Aluminum Tile Mold Plates for Concrete Roofing

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