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Production of Roofing Trim Tile Molds

Choose Kinetic Die Casting for roofing tile trim molds
Our company has Design assistance and Production of great Quality Concrete Roof Tile Molds at great Prices. Kinetic Die Casting will provide you with quality die casting Concrete rooftile trim molds, on time, to your specifications. We do the extra work so you won't have to. Kinetic Die Casting takes pride in manufacturing quality aluminum concrete roof tile die casting trim molds. Since 1996, we have been producing quality aluminum molds for concrete Roofingtiles and will continue to produce quality die casting Concrete Roofing molds, on time, to our customers' specifications.  
When does production begin on ROOFING TILE TRIM MOLDS
Ususally within two weeks, die casting production begins. We will produce between 500 and 1,000 parts each day, up to 5,000 parts each week, until the purchase order is complete.  
Do you ship roofing tile trim molds on time?
We ship on time by starting our die casting production a couple of weeks earlier than expected. Our customers' needs are important to us, so on-time shipping is a priority. When needed, we will run more shifts. Weekly die casting production planning & scheduling meetings allow us to maintain deliveries of quality die casting parts on time. Any Aluminum Tile Mold Questions  
If you have tooling, how soon will I get some parts?
How about two weeks? If we have the die casting tooling die here, it will only take a day to inspect the die casting die and mount into our die casting machine. If you have your die casting tools at your place, you must consider the freight time to Kinetic Die Casting. We usually can get a die casting die into a machine in two weeks, many times less. Making Die Casting Tooling for tile molds will take several weeks.  
Where do I get a price for production parts?
I need production of a small number of aluminum parts. Simply call 800-524-8083 or fax a Request For Quote. Fax# 818-982-0877 or e-mail a Request For Quote to EMAIL and a qualified customer service person will assist your every need. Requesting a die casting quote from Kinetic Die Casting Company is simple.Duplicate a concrete trim Roofing tile design. Let us know if you will need die casting tooling, how many die casting parts you need now and how soon you need them. We will then have enough information to provide a competitive quote for an aluminum trim tile die casting mold. Pictures of Typical Roof Tile Molds
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