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The Original Firewall-Your House

GALLERY_24The Original Firewall-Your House. Accidents do happen and most of the time they happen during the worst times. In that fact alone, many are keeping their own house as safe as possible. One of the worst accidents that could ever happen to you is a fire outbreak. If you want to lessen the chances of your house to catch fire, you must use concrete tiles as your roof. Why is that so? This article will discuss this topic.

Because Concrete roof tiles are fire resistant, concrete roofs can provide you a way to stop the spread of fire into your house if the unwanted disaster happens. Most houses are completely burnt up whenever the ceiling is caught on fire, since the burning debris can easily fall into the other places in the house. However, if your house uses design concrete roof tiles, you do not have to fear for the worst. Moreover, if the cause of the fire started in your roof, there is a lesser chance that it will develop into a full fiery accident. Since your concrete tiles do not support combustion, the start of the fire will die in its own, without the need for you to bring buckets and buckets of water.

Your concrete roofs are fire resistant enough to do the trick neatly.

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Aluminum Molds for Concrete Tile Roofing
Aluminum Molds for Concrete Tile Roofing

Basic Designs of Roof Tiles

home_1Basic Designs of Roof Tiles. If you plan in using design concrete roof tiles for your house, you should be aware that choosing the best tiles for your house is arduous, especially if you lack the basic knowledge on some of those types To help you make your pick more accurate, consider the following descriptions on come of the basic types of roof tiles

  • The perfect design for houses with French or Italian themes are Slate tiles. The use of slates as roofing will create a classic look in any house, especially if the overall theme is already present. Slate tiles are fireproof, easy to maintain, and are resilient from any foreign situations. If you want to experience the classic era- slates are for you.
  • Clay Concrete Tiles:
  • Concrete Tiles type is considered as the strongest type of roof. Made form clay, its materials can resist moisture and changing temperatures. The brick-like texture that it provides to your roofs also adds to the benefits that you can receive from using this type of tiles.
  • Wooden Tiles:
  • Wooden Tiles raw brown hue promotes closeness to nature, even in this world of contemporary designs. When it comes to functionality, this type can also perform well, especially if maintained properly.
  • Research on the other types if the above types will not fit into the theme you are planning for your home.

    Roofs installed with concrete tiles are the way to go. All you need is good cement, water, quality river sand, and you’re in business.

    Molds Concrete Roof industry aluminum molds to make roof tile
    Molds Concrete Roofs

    Prices for aluminum molds made by die casting for concrete roof tile machines and roofing industry.

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    Durability of Concrete Roof Tiles

    home_4Durability of Concrete Roof Tiles. How Long Do Concrete Roof Tiles Really Last? The oh-so-famous concrete tiles used for roofs have caught so many attentions from numerous house owners. They may doubt the quality of the said material, or may even not believe the claim that design concrete tile roofs last 50 years. If you are receiving second thoughts in this aspect of your house construction, it would be better for you to read this article.

    Manufacturers of concrete roof tiles created all the new technology to increase the resistance of their concrete tile roofs against the common disruptive forces: weather, time and moisture. Moreover, the important fact here is they succeeded. The materials used primarily in the construction of the concrete tiles are resilient enough to indeed last for at most 50 years. Any house owner will most likely favor raw materials that are of tough quality. If you are planning to preserve the look and the function of the house you are currently building, using concrete roof tiles is indeed the best choice for you.

    Research for other articles proving the assertion that concrete roof tiles last 50 years. You can see so many online articles discussing this topic and recounting the facts to solidify their own claims.

    Concrete roofing industry aluminum molds to make roof tile
    Concrete Roofing Industry Aluminum Molds to Make Roof Tile

    Our Tile Mold Blog has information regarding almuminum molds to make concrete roofing. Contact us if you are looking for Concrete Tile Mold Information for the concrete roofing industry equipment, please call 800-524-8083 or email us at sales@tile-molds.com.

    50 Year Old Concrete Roofs

    home_050 Year Old Concrete. Most companies claim that concrete roofs last 50 years, but is this really true? While they protect you from fire, water, moss, termites and earthquakes, they are not really resistant to breakage, and you should not be surprised to repair or replace broken or lost concrete tiles once in a while. It’s true that concrete roofs are durable, and they are energy-saving too. So it may take years before the need to reinstall a new roofing system arises. In fact, most roof tile mold companies are confident enough about the performance and durability of concrete roofs that they offer 50-year limited warranties.

    Furthermore, careful selection of your roofing material and proper installation are the most important things to consider in order for concrete roof tiles to last more than 20 years. Also make sure that you buy from a reputable company to make sure of the roof’s quality.

    Others even claim that roofs last a lifetime, but if you’re a clever consumer, you would know that believing such is overrated. Nothing lasts forever, and so do roofs. But the best thing you can do as a homeowner is to responsibly inspect your concrete roofs yearly so that you can abstain from constantly repairing your roof.

    Concrete Roof Tile Answers
    Concrete Roof Tile Answers

    Concrete Roof Tile questions and answers (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions regarding almuminum molds to make concrete roofing. Contact us if you are looking for Concrete Roof Tile Questions and Answers for the concrete roofing industry equipment, please call 800-524-8083 or email us at sales@tile-molds.com.

    Resistant to Fire!

    GALLERY_01Resistant to fire. Asphalt shingles, metal and concrete roof tiles made from concrete roof tile molds are fire resistant. These roofing materials are some of the roofs that you might want to check out when choosing fireproof roofs for your house.

    For instance, Asphalt shingles are not expensive. It comes with attractive designs and colors. It will not be difficult to look for because many roofing manufacturers carry this product. However, this roofing system may not last that long compared to the other two. Asphalt shingles can last from fifteen to thirty years. It is also not friendly to the environment.

    Another roofing material is metal roofs. Metal roofs can be very expensive. You will most like need the assistance of a professional when installing it on your roof. However, it is low-maintenance, environmentally friendly, light weight and comes in many colors and designs. It is excellent against high wind, rain and hail.

    Last concrete roof tiles are fire resistant, durable and with a very long life-span, this material can be very tricky to install and will also need professional handling. It can combat the rudest hurricane, snowstorm, heavy rain or hail. Unlike metal roofs, it is pretty heavy and will need support from the structure’s foundation.

    Consult a trustworthy expert about this matter in order to get the most favorable results.

    Concrete Roofs are the way to go. All you need is good cement, water, quality river sand, and you’re in business.

    Aluminum Molds for Concrete Trim Roofing
    Design Concrete Roofing Molds

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