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Design and Price for Roofing Tile Trim Molds

Our company has Design assistance and Production of great Quality Concrete Roof Tile Molds at great Prices. Aluminum Roof Tile Trim Molds for Concrete Roofing Tile Industry also called Concrete Roofing Tilemolds, Concrete Tile Molds or Concrete Rooftile Plates are usually made in aluminum or steel. Aluminum roof tile molds weigh less than steel and usually cost less than steel.

How to get a price for roof tile trim molds
Simply call 800-524-8083 or fax a Request For Quote to fax number 818-982-0877 or e-mail a Request For Quote to and a qualified customer service person will assist you. Requesting a die casting quote from Kinetic Die Casting is simple; you may call our toll free number or e-mail us. Our customer service/sales representatives are ready with competitive prices and excellent service. To expedite the process, feel free to send a sample of the die casting mold you are using or e-mail a surface IGES file. Let us know if you will need die casting tooling, how many die casting parts you need now and how soon you need them. We will then have enough information to provide a competitive quote for an aluminum tile die casting mold that will be how you requested them assured by our quality department.

Design Assistance
We prefer to use 3D electronic media for information and design development but we also will use traditional paper and wood formats if you prefer those media. Kinetic Die Casting will use your die casting design and assist you with the development of a 3D model of the tile you want to produce. We will then use the model of the tile to make a model of the die casting mold. We will work with your engineers and plant managers as well with the manufacturers of the roof tile machines to ensure the riding or wear surfaces are in the proper locations. We will make sure the pins we use for ejection in our process do not interfere with your equipment. We will look to see if we can suggest areas to add strength. We can electronically test the strength of our aluminum die casting tile molds before the tooling is made. We will help design in holes for drainage. We will work with your engineers and quality personnel to establish the quality standards for trim tile molds.

Create a Mold Design
We can produce a three dimensional die casting model for you to approve prior to die casting tooling production. We can use your 3D die casting model in surface IGES format from any software. We can review your die casting model for the die casting tile and mold or produce die casting models for your approval. We can create a 3D die casting model of an existing die casting part so it can be duplicated exactly. We can use a 3D die casting model to make die casting prototypes, die casting tooling, and die casting molds.

Prototype rooftile mold castings
In some cases, Kinetic Die Casting will send you a prototype tile mold part in less than two weeks. Prototype die casting parts can be produced in several ways. Some die casting prototypes are used only to prove, measure and fit. Some die casting prototypes are used to make concrete tiles the old fashioned way for testing and some die casting prototypes are used in the roof tile machines to test. We can make any or all the above die casting prototypes as your needs may be different in each case.

Duplicate your tile mold design
We can DUPLICATE an existing design for a concrete roof tile mold. There are many ways to duplicate a concrete Roofingtile design. If your prospective die casting Roofingmold is from an old die casting design and you can only provide a sample Roofing tile, we can with your assistance design and build die casting tooling to produce die casting Roofingtile molds. This die casting tooling can be prototype die casting tooling for few hundred die casting Roofing tilemolds or production die casting tooling for production die casting Roof tile molds. The process of die casting duplication is not difficult for our design engineers to achieve. We can provide you with a three-dimensional (3D) Roofing tile mold model to look at and rotate and approve prior to manufacture of die casting tooling and die casting Roofing molds. Once a die casting model is approved, we can get you samples of the die casting Roofing molds to test prior to making thousands. We can then produce an SLA in plastic or cast aluminum or machine die casting samples using computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines.

How long to make die cast tooling to make aluminum roofing tile molds
Prototype die casting Roofing tooling for Roofingtile molds will take a few weeks, but it is only good for quantities of less than a few thousand. Prototype die castings can be made in less than six weeks. Production die casting tooling dies will take eight weeks to fourteen weeks.

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How about trim tile mold stregnth
We can electronically test die casting Roofingmolds using software. We have experienced people that have worked with die casting Roofingtile mold design since 1987. Many times the Roofing tile machine manufacturer has worked with us to determine the weak areas in a potential die casting Roofingmold. But nothing surpasses the experience of a Roofing tile plant manager who has seen the effects of die casting Roofingtile molds in the roof tile machines.

Does thicker aluminum mean a stronger Roof Tile Mold?
In concrete tiles yes, but in aluminum pressure die casting for aluminum Roofing tile plates the answer is "maybe". The strength of pressure die casting aluminum comes from the skin of the casting, the outside one millimeter of each side. The interior of the walls provide a nominal strength but not like the outer skin. Strength for die casting aluminum Roof Tile Molds or Roofingplates must be designed geometrically to make use of the characteristics and benefits of aluminum pressure die castings.

Why roof tile molds break in the same location
This question gets asked frequently and the answers are sometimes simple and sometimes not. Usually the Roofing Tile Machine Equipment Manufacturer is the best source for that answer. Kinetic Die Casting personnel have worked with enough die casting rooftile molds to determine the reasons. The first question to ask is: What has changed to cause this situation? If this has always been the case, then perhaps we will be able to make changes on the underside of the die casting molds to create strength in the die casting molds. Adding strength is not difficult if you understand the characteristics of aluminum pressure die castings.

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