Die Casting Companies in California 2022

With the closure of Pioneer Diecasters this year, I can find only 14 active die casting companies in Southern California. In 1994, when I founded Kinetic Die Casting Company, there were 76 die casting companies in California. Now there are only 14 companies in Southern California.

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Sorted alphabetically, here is the current list of the competing die casting companies remaining in Southern California:
1. Alloy Die Casting Company
2. Aluminum Die Casting Company
3. Ambritt Die Casting Company
4. American Die Casting Company
5. California Die Casting Company
6. Cast-Rite Die Casting Company
7. Die Cast of America Company
8. Dynacast Company
9. Hyatt Die Casting Company
10. International Die Casting Company
11. Kenwalt Die Casting Company
12. Kinetic Die Casting Company
13. Pacific Die Casting Company
14. RSG Die Casting Company

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Recently Closed Die Casting Companies:
Bucy Die Casting Company Closed
Commercial Die Casting Company
Alloy Die Casting Company Sold
Cox Die Casting Company Closed
Rangers Die Casting Company Closed
CEP Cast Engineered Products Closed
Pioneer Diecasters Inc Closing

Main Types of Roof Tiles in 2022

Main Types of Roof Tiles
While some write-ups say there are about five types of roof tiles, there are actually two main types only: clay tiles and concrete tiles.
Clay tiles are actually cement tiles. They may be plain, interlocked, creased, or ornamental. They are a bit heavy, but they can be made into various designs and colors to suit your desire. Installing them requires special equipment and the person doing the installation should be careful not to walk on them while wet. They can protect you from fire and storm, and can last for a long time.
Concrete tiles on the other hand may be fashioned to look like slates or stones. They are lighter compared to clay, but they resist fire, storms, algae, termites and moss. They may also be plain or interlocked, depending on what you want. They come in different colors too. Installing them is easier, and they require minimal maintenance, but they can be a bit expensive. That’s the price you need to pay for this type of durable roof.
These tiles are usually placed parallel to each other, and overlapping with the next row. This way, it can resist water from entering your roof. Whichever type you go for, always remember that the condition of your roof depends mostly on how you maintain it.

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Aluminum Die Casting Molds for Concrete tile roofs.

Concrete Roofing Tile Molds Frequently Asked Questions

Aluminum Tile Mold Plates for Concrete Roofing

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Concrete Roof Tile Companies in 2022

Concrete Roof Tile Companies
There are many concrete roof tile companies out there. But what do these companies offer in terms of products and services? Usually, most companies boast their lifetime limited warranties to their clients. That is because of the fact that concrete roof tiles are highly durable and they stay strong over decades. They sell concrete roofs according to how you want them to appear. If you want a slate-looking concrete roof, they can manufacture that for you. You may also specify the colors you want for your roof, and these companies would gladly deliver the product you want.
These companies also employ architects and homebuilders who can help you choose the right roofing design for your house. They will also assist you in installing your roofing system the right way. In any case that you need to replace broken tiles, you can contact these concrete roof tile companies to send you a person who will repair your roof. Sometimes the warranties are even transferrable, depending on the policies of the company. If you are in need of a roof manufacturer, the best thing for you to do is to ask some roof companies near you to get the most detailed information.

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Pioneer Diecasters Inc Closing

09.21.22 – Pioneer die castings is closed. Sadly, the owner, Carl H. Spahr passed away. Pioneer DC was a manufacturing company located in Los Angeles, California. Also known as, Pioneer Die Casting Company at 4209 Chevy Chase Drive, L.A., CA 90039 their phone number was (323) 245-6561. They were open over 70 years. They were primarily operating in the aluminum die castings business.

Pioneer Diecasters company employed about 17 people when closing their die casting business in 2022. Carl was about 82 years old and he was active in the daily business every day until his recent death.

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I am saddened to see the loss of another die casting company competitor in California.

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Concrete Roof Tiles in 2022

Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete roof tiles first came about in the 19th century. Sand, water and cement were mixed to produce the first concrete roofs. In the early 1900’s, concrete tiles became more stylish. Color pigments were added to them so that they may look like clay roofs. As time went by, modern technology has improved the appearance and quality of concrete roofs, and companies continue to manufacture these roofs that last a lifetime. Many houses that first used concrete roofs actually have their houses standing still up to this date. That’s because of the durability of concrete. They can sustain winds that are over 125 mph, while other roof types would have been stripped away at this speed of wind.

In addition, they are Class A fire resistant and are not attractive to termites and moss as well. Even earthquakes cannot easily put down a roof made of concrete. The key here is properly installing the concrete roof, such that it follows the building code standards. Many homeowners also choose this type of roof because it doesn’t require much maintenance and repair. Although it is a bit costly, the performance it does to protect your home is clearly outstanding. This is why concrete roof tiles are popular everywhere.


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