Great Service and Quality with Kinetic Die Casting

quality_3Great Service and Quality with Kinetic Die Casting. Kinetic Die Casting Company (KDC) started in North Hollywood California in 1994. The company is a metal part manufacturer of high quality aluminum or zinc die cast parts, aluminum die castings, or high pressure part die castings for a lower price. KDC specializes in aluminum die casting parts but they are now also making more die cast parts with the use of zinc alloys. They have been doing the latter for over eight years now.

Why buy from Kinetic Die Casting? They ensure the high quality of the products as well as give a good delivery service that’s why aluminum die cast parts in KDC can be stronger than steel. Having a program in place to prevent quality problems while also having an improvement program to ensure that some problems will not reoccur anymore guarantee the quality of KDC made products.

KDC manufactures for many manufacturing industries, such as military parts, medical instruments, automobiles, aircraft, tricycles, bicycles, lighting fixtures, speaker parts, power hand tools,aluminum molds made for rooftiles, computers, and office equipment. They also help customers build up new products. They even accept less than 1000 parts per delivery.

Why buy from KDC? KDC also consider many factors in the die casting process. They specially examine and check on product strengths, material types and weights, draft angles, gate areas, slide features, material flow, undercuts, and wall thickness. KDC also has die cast design consultants who help customers with die casting aluminum part design like design concrete tiles and aluminum die casting prototypes as well as die cast tooling, die cast parts machining, and finishing the surface of many kinds of die cast aluminum parts.

Since they focus on quality and delivery, they ensure that products made by them are better and stronger. These two factors cause many manufacturing companies to choose KDC and purchase from them than in other companies. Furthermore, they have very good aluminum roofing tile plate quality.

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