Resistant to Fire!

GALLERY_01Resistant to fire. Asphalt shingles, metal and concrete roof tiles made from concrete roof tile molds are fire resistant. These roofing materials are some of the roofs that you might want to check out when choosing fireproof roofs for your house.

For instance, Asphalt shingles are not expensive. It comes with attractive designs and colors. It will not be difficult to look for because many roofing manufacturers carry this product. However, this roofing system may not last that long compared to the other two. Asphalt shingles can last from fifteen to thirty years. It is also not friendly to the environment.

Another roofing material is metal roofs. Metal roofs can be very expensive. You will most like need the assistance of a professional when installing it on your roof. However, it is low-maintenance, environmentally friendly, light weight and comes in many colors and designs. It is excellent against high wind, rain and hail.

Last concrete roof tiles are fire resistant, durable and with a very long life-span, this material can be very tricky to install and will also need professional handling. It can combat the rudest hurricane, snowstorm, heavy rain or hail. Unlike metal roofs, it is pretty heavy and will need support from the structure’s foundation.

Consult a trustworthy expert about this matter in order to get the most favorable results.

Concrete Roofs are the way to go. All you need is good cement, water, quality river sand, and you’re in business.

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