Why Roofing Contractors Prefer Concrete Roofing Materials in 2023

Why Roofing Contractors Prefer Concrete Roofing Materials

Damage from extreme weather conditions such as storms and hurricanes can play havoc on inferior roofs. This means that using quality roofing materials should take precedence when you are a contractor building a house, or in the process of a roof remodelling project.

One admirable type of roofing materials that have evolved through the years are concrete roof tiles. They used to be manufactured in the form of huge sheets of tiles in the past, but were found to last on an average of only 10 years. When they were made in smaller tile sizes, they could last for more than 20 years and were considerably hardier compared to the larger sheets.

One advantage that manufacturers discovered about concrete roofing materials is that they took to pigment rather easily. This meant that the tiles could be manufactured in a variety of different colours, making them more versatile as decorative pieces, as well as making them attractive on roofs. In addition, their durability kept them resistant to breakage, and their heavy weight kept them from suddenly blowing away in a strong wind.

A lot of people in the roofing industry realized that with only a minimum investment and a small shop, they could start a business producing concrete roofing tiles. All they needed was a small start-up cost, which included easily-purchased equipment, mixes, and other supplies.

There are two types of this kind of roofing material, tiles that are fibre-reinforced with coir or sisal fibres, and the other, called micro-concrete tiles, that are manufactured using no fibre material whatsoever.

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