“Google SEO Search Engine Optimization”

“Google SEO Search Engine Optimization”. Search engine optimization is a completely different field from web design and development. Nevertheless, these two are alike and go hand in hand. The goal of search engine optimization is to increase traffic and market sales by making your website optimized. From the design and development, you should always be conscious of the Google SEO Search Engine Optimization methods.

Throughout development, the things that the designer should be cautious of are H1 tags, meta tags, and keywords. These three depend mainly on the substance. Just like the Internet users and guests that chance upon a website, one of the Google SEO Search Engine Optimization rules are to contain H1 and meta tags for importance. If your website is designed using these three, the chances of getting indexed well are improved. This means higher site PR and search engine rank position (SERP).

Keywords also play a crucial role in Google SEO Search Engine Optimization procedures. Users type in keywords that point to different websites. There are a lot of tools online which you can utilize to check how viable your keywords are. If all else fails, you can Google the keywords yourself. With the right SEO practice, your website can land top position at the number one search engine in no time.

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