Concrete Roofs are Fire Resistant in 2022

Concrete Roofs are Fire Resistant
Slates, clay, and metal roofs are good choices when it comes to fire protection. But did you know that concrete roofs are fire resistant too? Several tests conducted to various roofing materials have shown that concrete roofs do not easily catch fire from a neighboring house or from a burning spark. Because of that, it was given the Class A Rating for fire protection. It may be more expensive than metal, with prices that may be at par with slates and clays, but its durability is unquestionably superb. In fact, most companies offer 50-year limited warranties to their clients because they know that it may take decades before your roof may completely wear out.
Installing these concrete roofs are not difficult too, but in order to make sure that it is properly installed, you may need the help of a professional roof installer. Aside from being fire resistant, these concrete roofs give you protection from termites and storms as well. They can also be manufactured in a way that they resemble slates or wood shakes, so they never go out of fashion. All of these benefits outgrow its expensive price; therefore most homeowners still choose concrete roofs as their main roofing material.

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