Concrete: In the Making in 2023

Concrete: In The Making

In order to know the quality of a certain thing, the first thing you need to learn and be familiar with is the materials used for its construction. Thus, it is only right that we need to ask a question first. How are concrete roof tiles made?
First introduced in the 1840s by German cement manufacturer Adolph Kroher, concrete tiles became popular in Bavaria. Many of the tiles made during that time continue to remain even up to this day.
How are concrete roof tiles made? The main material of a concrete roof tile is sand, cement, and water. The exact materials vary because of different manufacturers but the basic component of this tile is Portland cement, blended hydraulic cements, sand, fly ash, and other added combinations. Concrete tiles also look similar in terms of size, shapes, and colors even when made by different manufacturers. They have three main appearances common to all – flat, low, and high profiles. Flat concrete roof tiles, as its name suggests, are flat when viewed from the lateral side and have no curves. Low concrete roof tiles, on the other hand, have small curves with a 1:5 rise to width ratio or less. High profile concrete tiles have larger curves that exceed the 1:5 rise to width ratio. There are also many other shapes available now: Imbrex and tegula, Roman tiles, Pantiles, Mission, Barren tiles, and Antefixes.
How are concrete roof tiles made? Concrete tiles are also come in different colors and textures that will surely suit the taste of the homeowner. The texture can be smooth or rough. The colors are mostly mixed in the process of making the tiles and not merely coated so they do not fade away immediately. Aside from these, there are also the standard weight and lightweight tile. It is already up to the homeowners on what concrete roof tile combinations to choose.

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Aluminum Tile Mold Plates for Concrete Roofing

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