Can Concrete Roofs protect homes?

Can concrete roofs protect homes? Yes, they can. This is one of the many things that concrete roofs can boast about. Its durability made it famous after all. Concrete roofs outstanding ability to withstand harsh and violent weather conditions made it the first choice of the majority of professional home builders all over the globe.

Concrete roof tiles are made of a mixture of cement, water and sand. Then, these tiles undergo several stages that make them sturdier than other roofing materials. It is so durable that most concrete roof makers dare to offer a minimum of fifty years for their warranty. What makes concrete roofs more marketable than other roofing materials is the affordability of the product. Concrete roofs are not very expensive for the features they offer. Try picturing concrete tiles durability. When this roofing material has been installed properly by your trusted professional home builder and has been taken care of, it can survive violent snowstorms, horrifying tornadoes or even heavy rainfalls. It can also withstand fire. The quality of roof tiles are amazing!

Furthermore, concrete tiles are heavy. Therefore, you have to ensure that the foundation of your house can support the weight of the concrete tiles you are going to use. It is always best to consult a professional regarding this matter.

Cement tile roofs installed with concrete tiles are the way to go. All you need is good cement, water, quality river sand, and you’re in business.

Molds Concrete Roof industry aluminum molds to make roof tile
Molds Concrete Roofs

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