Long Lasting Roofs in 2023

Long Lasting Roofs

Everyone wants a roof that will last long. Among the many roofing materials in the market, concrete roofs can relatively
last longer. Concrete roofs last 50 years and up. How can concrete roofs last 50 years without much worry? Aside from it being beautiful and attractive to eye, and it being not very expensive, it is made to be pretty durable.

Concrete roofs have been famous for its outstanding durability and remarkable long life span. It is evident that this material is pretty sturdy because manufacturers find it easy to give a minimum of 50-year warranty for concrete roof tiles. It is safe to say that concrete roofs can surpass its 50-year warranty. It can withstand heavy rains, horrible tornadoes, strong snowstorms and even vicious fires.

However, if you find that concrete roof is not for you, you can put metal tiles into consideration. Metal tiles can last for at least fifty years. It is low-maintenance, durable, light weight and a friend to the environment. The trouble with metal tiles is that it can be difficult to install and might need periodic painting. It is also expensive.

If money is the least of your problems, you can try slates. Slates are very stylish and very expensive. They are fragile and require specialized installation. But it can also last as long.

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