Different Types of Roof Tiles in 2023

Different Types of Roof Tiles

There are many types of roof tiles out there. It is important to learn a thing or two about these materials before deciding on which roofing system should be installed on your roof.

One of the most famous is the concrete tile. This roof tile is popular for its durability and affordability. It can withstand weather conditions that are harsh and destructive. Concrete tiles can survive from tornadoes, snowstorms and heavy rain. It is also noncombustible. However, this material is heavy and is quite tricky to install.

Wood shingles are usually chosen because of its attractive looks. It blends with the natural surroundings and withers with most grace. The downside of this roofing system is that it is most likely to rot, get molds and be burned. It is quite pricey as well.

One of the newest types of roof tiles in the market is the engineered rubber or plastic tile. This is 1/3 the weight of slate. It can last for 30 to 50 years. This material is also pleasing, aesthetically. It being new is the risky side of this material.

If you are eco-friendly, you might check on eco-roofs. Though this is pretty expensive, it is low-maintenance and is capable of providing insulation and can keep your house cooler during summer. This has been used in Europe for around 30 years.

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